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March 2002



The ideas that will be examined are: Safety in schools, Fundraising, Flexibility in high school, Implications for the stakeholders, Resource coordinators, Establishing links, Logic across the curriculum, Work study and a Central students’ committee. Some of these ideas are expanding on what we already have others will explore new concepts. All will require commitment and each of the action groups was asked to identify a coordinator and to set a date for its next meeting.



May 2002


From the Future Search Conference held by the Board recently, a Central Students’ Committee was set up at the Board level with a student representative from every high school. The group is using the basic structure of the Central Parents’ Committee as a guideline in setting up their committee structure. The group has been very active in its first few meetings in developing a Mission Statement and parameters for their work.


Congratulations to a fine group of young leaders who are being lead by Caroline Dufresne, Level V Student from Lakeside Academy and Nadia Sevo, Level IV Student from Pierrefonds Comprehensive High.



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